Glenfarne 3D Models


Six SketchFab 3D models

Below are six 3D models of ‘extreme’ examples of sculptings ie. those with very deep hollows and channels. Several similar examples occur in the Burren-Marlbank area but there appears to be a more dense concentration in Glenfarne area. 

These examples are so natural looking that it is hard to believe they have been carved by humans. Yet there can be no geological explanation for them as solutional erosion could never produce such deep hollows/channels and certainly not on these orthoquartzite  sandstones. See geological discussion on page 38 in “Burren-Marlbank A Prehistoric Monumental Landscape”.


Glenfarne MN10

Glenfarne Meenagh 5

Glenfarne Carrickcreevagh 1

Glenfarne Carrickcreevagh 3

Glenfarne Meenagh 3

Glenfarne Cullentragh 40


Glenfarne Cullentragh 32