Sculptings – 3D models


3D Models



3D models are ideal for showing the basic simplicity of corner hollows. 3D shows very clearly the hollow with obvious corner rim grooving. The real power of these is that each example shows exactly the same phenomenon being repeated. Even more important is the fact that several of these examples are indisputable ‘Evidence Boulders’. (See page on Evidence split boulders).

8 Examples of Corner Hollows with Rim Grooving:

Cavan Burren

PB48, PB56 and PB51 are split Evidence Boulders

PB61 and PB62 are close together

PB32a is in Cavan Burren carpark.

Carrickcreevagh is in Glenfarne



Cavan Burren PB48 Corner hollow




Cavan Burren PB56 Corner hollow





Cavan Burren PB51 Corner hollow – this is part of a split boulder, the corner on one section worked contrasting with unworked corresponding corner. It is an ‘Evidence  Boulder’




Cavan Burren PB 71 high




Cavan Burren PB61 Corner hollow




Cavan Burren PB62

Pb32a Corner hollow



Carrickcreevagh CC1




8 Examples of Corner Hollows with Channels

In addition to corner hollows, with rim grooving, the following examples also have channels. Several of these examples are on ‘Evidence Boulders’. 

Cavan Burren

704 has two channels and corner hollows plus Notch and Peak and these are validated by split ‘Evidence’ Boulder’

PB84 has converging channels

PB86 has a deep corner hollow with a channel sloping downward into hollow.



PB105 has a deep corner hollow with a channel

PB71 has a corner hollow with a channel

704 has a channel and Notch and Peak. These are validated by split ‘Evidence’ Boulder’

PB53 has a narrow deep channel

Cavan Burren 704 Channels and peak



Cavan Burren PB84 Corner Hollows and converging Channels



  • Cavan Burren PB105 deep Corner Hollow and Channel


  • Cavan Burren PB71 Corner Hollow and Channel



  • Cavan Burren PB40 channel + peak



  • Cavan Burren PB53 Channel


Examples of Notches and Peaks :

Cavan Burren

PB46 & PB48 show very obvious, and almost identical, Notches & Peaks. PB48 is also an ‘Evidence Boulder’ which validates these as types.

704 & PB40 also have almost identical Notches & Peaks and both are ‘Evidence Boulders’. (See 3D models above)


H14 and PB85 both display prominent Peaks, PB85 is an ‘Evidence Boulder’.



Cavan Burren PB46 Channels + Peak



PB48 Corner Channels + Peak



Cavan Burren H14 Peak Corner



Cavan Burren PB85 channel