Propped Boulders

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Propped boulders are generally disregarded by mainstream archaeologists – this is mostly because up to recent times archaeologists have failed to recognise or even look for them and thereby they have been poorly recorded. Furthermore as they tend to be either solitary or in isolated locations, lacking archaeological contexts, they have been mostly overlooked. The Burren-Marlbank study is a game-changer as propped boulders have been found in great abundance, in verifiable contexts and often as additional features in major boulder monuments here.

Propped boulders can be validated by several of the main multi-featured boulders such as PB45, PB46, PB40 and 704 (See boulder monument section).

They also occur in abundance with the single feature – the prop. These often have spectacular chocks, many are very prominent or precarious. They also occur in subtle situations where a deliberate effort to check under a boulder is the only way to confirm their presence. Three quarters of the 160 plus boulder monuments in this area are propped. Hundreds are are being recorded in other areas.


703 chock is a rare limestone chock on its sharp axis

Note the chock is so precariously balanced that natural explanation can be ruled out.

703 with ruler crop- 01.jpg

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703 detail of chock on its sharp axis

Note so finely engineered yet it must have survived millennia.

703 – Tatjana’s boulder chock.jpg


703 provides model for Cavan Burren propped boulder logo

Note Logo illustrates how precarious and incredible this propped boulder is

703 – Side circle2 .jpg


PB 19 has a large sandstone chock supporting it

Note – it also has elongated corner hollow sculpting

PB19 scan2 – 02.jpg


PB15 has two chocks, one is limestone and the other is sandstone.

Note – limestone chock is precariously perched

PB15-for .jpg


PB15 – the limestone chock has been shaped

PB15-Chocked Boulder – 9.jpg


PB20 has two chocks, one is limestone and the other is sandstone.

Note – limestone chock is precariously perched at the back

PB20 – 03.jpg


PB20 the limestone is on its sharp axis.

PB20 – 08.jpg

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PB30 – 07 edit2-.jpg

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Cu5 edit.jpg

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